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hello lovely weavers:-)

i am really quite new to tablet-weaving, having only done my first proper bit last september under the awesome tutelage of my friend ingibjorg. it was only recently when lottie said that she wanted to learn that i really applied myself to trying to understand it more, and i am slowly making progress. below are some of the recent bands i've made, although sadly the one i would probably consider the most complex isn't there as i don't have a picture of it yet. i have written down patterns for most of these, but i have written them in a very idiosynchratic way that doesn't seem to tally with how others write them. however i'd be happy to talk to anyone about them. i have yet to learn double-face weave, so they are all of the most simple type...

i call this one drought chevrons because of the colours and the heat on the day it was woven. it has a sister band in three shades of blue which i have yet to photograph.

tablet weaving

this is the second band i did in ingibjorg's presence. it's about a metre and a half because i warped it between two fence posts.

tablet weaving

this one is called the lloyd band, for bizarre and private reasons:-) it is designed to go the way up in which it appears in the photos, and might grace the top of my hangerock if i don't weave another one i prefer first. it reminds me of ram's horns and is my first attempt at doing spirals.

tablet weaving

i have a few more bands but i fear i am already taking up too much space. i'd love to talk to and meet other tablet weavers, and particularly those who do it from a historical/re-enactment stand point. i am also hoping to do some madder dyeing soon as i cannot order an appropriate red colour from my wool supplier, so i'd love to hear from anyone with experience of that:-)

happy weaving!

hannah/dagrun xxx

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Hi everyone. :)

Now we are slightly less few in number (ie: not just me!), I thought I'd share a couple of patterns. I'm not sure about ability levels, so I've got one that I wrote up for Egyptian diagonals and a swirly one from another site.

The pattern for Egyptian diagonals that I wrote is a PDF that you can download by clicking here. Below is a photo of the finished item.


The next is a pattern was sent to me as a link by [personal profile] citrusgirrl - it's got spirals in interesting directions and looks like it'd be a bit more challenging. I can't really post a photo until I've made it myself, but as soon as I've done it I'll make sure everyone knows how awesome it is! Here's the online pattern.

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